Berta Furniture & Accessories LLC aims continuously be next to its customers and therefore, considers them as a business partners. This enables company offer wide range of services and provide customized services according to the partners request. Berta considers these services as a part of customer personal touch approach that it was able to develop due to the logic of service that company applies from the first day of work on the USA market.

  1. Free shipping & delivery services for small quantity purchases: It does not matter what is the amount of your purchase if you are not able to pick it up due to certain circumstances we are able to deliver our products within the retails prices in 24 hours if you are in our state. For out-of-state deliveries we are cooperating with shipment companies who settle the delivery terms. However, we are trying to finish our delivery in 72 hours inside of USA.
  2. Best price and rare parts order offers for special projects: If you already have a supplier but you want to compare the prices or you just want to get a new quotation, you are not able to find a product that you need for the project, if you are not happy with your quotation you are more than welcome to come to us. We will do our best to help you and get best price.In addition, for special projects rare or products which are not produced anymore could be supplied from reliable supplier in bulk amounts. We are not looking for container when we are speaking about bulk amounts.
  3. Stock-keeping and VMI: As an importer and wholesaler company we offer our customer special services on managing and keeping their stocks in our premises. They may rent or ask us for continuous supply which we are ready to deliver through our warehouse facilities. This service could be used by customers who are lack of space or unable to manage its hardware stocks, in this case he may request us to manage this part by us.
  4. Consultation and technical support services: No matter what you buy and in which quantities if you have a question regarding our product or you need a consultation, even you can not understand and decide what you need to use you are free to refer to us. We will try to give you all our knowledge and support in enlarging your business and solution your problem.


Services which mentioned above are provided mostly to the producers, loyal customers, however, we welcome and deliver our solution services for individual customers as well within the special terms. All terms are open to a mutual discussion and service execution will started after an agreement with customers. These services could be used by customers on regular base, for customers who uses these services on regular base or want to get a continuous best service package special partner offers and programs could be provided.
Additionally, all customers are welcome to provide us directly their feedbacks and ideas on how we can improve our services and products to make your business grow.